Who We Are

Employee appreciation day 2015. Employees stand in front of the Champaign IL facility.

Our History

Formed in the spare bedroom of the company president’s home in Arthur, IL, in the year 2000, MUTI originally specialized in horizontal directional drilling and utility construction. He had a simple plan: to be the best organization in the industry.

By mid-2000, we entered into the communications tower industry by performing multi-site maintenance and full-site construction. Over the past 15 years, we have amassed extensive experience in the installation of tower foundations, installation of access roads and site clearing, all types of excavation, tower erection, radio installations, multi-site tower maintenance/inspection, ground resistance testing, and installation of full grounding systems.

Today, MUTI is still striving for success and has grown to employ over 500 employees, housed in 17 reginal offices, performing work on a national level for Fortune 500 companies. We have been recognized for our quality of work in a safe, efficient, and economical manner. This commitment to quality is reflected in the equipment we utilize, history of successful work, and dedication to the wireless communications industry. Indeed, MUTI has been an active member of the NATE/OSHA Partnership Program since its inception.