Total Rewards Picture - a MUTI team picture all simling in front of a MUTI truck.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We demonstrate this commitment by offering a competitive and extremely valuable rewards program.

Our focus on people is truly the key to our success. Being known as a great place to work allows us to easily attract top talent. For us, your growth and development is more than good business. One of the greatest aspects of working at MUTI are the opportunities we offer our people to grow, learn, and succeed.


To attract and retain the best people, we offer competitive reward packages and link pay to your performance. MUTI measures individual performance relative to goals and objectives; this gives us the ability to recognize strong performance and recognize it accordingly. The emphasis on performance isn’t just set from a financial standpoint—this clear set of goals provides you with necessary focus, direction, engagement, and personal responsibility. In addition, we are happy to provide weekly paychecks, bonus opportunities, competitive per diem, and consistent year-round work.


No matter the office location, we want you and your family to be well. To ensure this happens, we offer a competitive benefits program to help and encourage you to take good care of yourself and your family. MUTI offers excellent health, vision, dental, and life insurance at affordable, inexpensive rates. We also want you to be protected in case the unexpected happens—you can take advantage of our short and long term disability coverage. MUTI also matches up to 6% of your 401(k) contribution—taking steps to ensure your future financial security.


Praise and recognition are the most important when they honor individuals for their measurable achievements and results. This isn’t a policy, it is part of the culture. Our formal and informal reward, recognition, and acknowledgement programs encourage us to recognize one another and honor our workplace champions.