Growth and Learning

Picture of a hands on tower climbing class.

We value our employees and believe when they succeed, we succeed. To keep the Best Team in Telecommunications at the top of its game, both professionally and personally, we invest significant resources to help everyone learn, grow, and succeed.


All new hires participate in our orientation program, which introduces you to MUTI, familiarizes you with our core values, and overviews our culture and benefits. This provides a strong foundation for future growth.


We are proud of our safety culture. A natural outgrowth of that value is the MUTI Training Institute. All field employees undergo a two-week intensive training course where they will begin to learn the basics of telecommunication tower climbing and rescue. We certify these employees as authorized climbers, proficient in tower rescue and safety. In addition, they also receive CPR/First Aid, OSHA 10 Hour, JMA Connector, and RF Safety and Hazard Awareness certifications. This is only the beginning of your training.


MUTI is extremely pleased to be a founding member and active participant in a joint partnership with the Department of Labor, other government agencies, and telecommunications industry members invested in improving workplace safety, addressing industry, workforce needs, and providing employment and advancement opportunities.


We understand the importance of education to your and the company’s future success. Where businesses need exist, we assist employees in obtaining advanced training such as Antrisu or PIM certifications, Advanced Understanding of Rigging and Ropes, Tower Erection and Basics, OSHA 500, Competent Person Certifications, and much more.