Building the future at Midwest Underground Technology, Inc.

Midwest Underground Technology Inc. helps support one of the world’s largest and most important industries – telecommunications. The infrastructure we build works 24 hours a day, every day, processing hundreds of thousands of transactions a second at peak demand. Over the years, we have helped transform the telecommunications service provider industry through a focus on our three key foundational goals: Client Service, Quality and Safety.

Indeed, this infrastructure is no longer limited to luxury use; it is a necessity. Over 70 percent of 911 calls are placed from a wireless phone, and that percentage is rapidly growing. For many Americans, the ability to call 911 for help in an emergency is one of the main reasons they own a wireless phone. It’s important that strong networks exist to service these life-saving requests.

We’re also blazing a trail in our other divisions as well; Microwave Systems, Facility Services, and Small Cell/DAS solutions are desperately needed in today’s ever-connected world. In addition, MUTI is leading by developing cutting-edge industry standards, technical consulting services, and is a founding member of the nation’s first federally certified telecommunications training program: the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program.

While innovation and technology are at our core, we also hire the best in all disciplines to run a highly respected company, from field service technicians and project management to finance and safety professionals. With over 170 years’ combined experience in the telecommunications industry, MUTI has managed and/or constructed some of the most difficult projects in the nation. We endeavor to be unique in the telecommunications industry by encouraging a balanced lifestyle, personal wellness, and community involvement.

If you’re passionate about solving complex problems in a dynamic industry, join the MUTI Team and Soar to New Heights.

Current Career Opportunities

Tower Technician189Columbus19 Sep 2018CMHM1823
Tower Technician198Kansas City19 Sep 2018TT91
Tower Technician199Champaign19 Sep 2018CHMD30418
Tower Foreman 219Champaign19 Sep 2018TF20
Tower Foreman220Kansas City19 Sep 2018TF21
IT Systems Administrator229Champaign03 Dec 2018SA19
Project Manager 233Kansas City25 Jan 2019PM33
Tower Technician241Edmond06 Mar 2019TT92
Tower Technician242Dallas06 Mar 2019TT33
Inspections Technician250Columbus;Lexington16 Apr 2019INTE34
Tower Foreman253Dallas22 Apr 2019TF23
Field Supervisor254Dallas22 Apr 2019FS22
MOD Technician I255Salt Lake City;Sacramento26 Jun 2019MT051019
MOD Technician II256Salt Lake City;Sacramento10 May 2019MT2051019
MOD Technician III257Salt Lake City;Sacramento10 May 2019MT3051019
MOD Technician I258Lexington;Leesburg;Raleigh10 May 2019MTSE051019
MOD Technician II259Leesburg;Lexington;Raleigh10 May 2019MT2SE051019
MOD Technician III260Leesburg;Lexington;Raleigh10 May 2019MT3SE051019
Regional Safety Manager262Champaign17 May 2019RSM2051719
HVAC Technician263Kansas City31 May 2019HVACKC053119
Field Service Technician264Kansas City14 Jun 2019FST061419
Civil Technician265Dallas;Edmond25 Jun 2019CT062519
HVAC Technician266Kansas City26 Jun 2019HVAC062619
DC Power Technician267Leesburg17 Jul 2019DCPT071719
AC Power Technician268Leesburg17 Jul 2019ACPT071719
DC Power Technician269Champaign;Chicago;Indianapolis20 Aug 2019DCPOW082019

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